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What is the need for N-Registration

Why is this N-Registration service necessary at all?

Why N-reg?

As we all know the United States is a very patriotic country and whilst it now has citizens with backgrounds in every part of the world it feels the need to control its resources to ensure that they are not used for the benefit of terrorists and other enemies.

In addition they consider that if there are issues concerning aircraft registered in the USA, they need to have the right to exercise control should it become necessary.

That is why we operate - so that the privilege of flying N registered airplanes is properly controlled and respected.

In the field of general aviation, many aeroplane owners are finding that one of the most popular jurisdictions for aeroplane registration is that of the United States of America for reasons related to maintenance schedules and the advantages applicable to FAA pilot licenses, ratings and even medical certificates, the more so since the British CAA has tightened up on the rules for maintenance of validity of licences.Such restrictions do not apply to FAA pilot certificates. 

It is generally recognised that the USA has been a great pioneer in flying over the years. The function of our N registered aeroplane programme is solely to provide a system of registration of aircraft which are then used by persons not entitled to legal ownership of an aircraft on the N register and that alone. We do this by arranging documentation with a corporate trustee which is registered, located and managed in the United States. We specialise in arranging individual trust agreements. This is often referred to as an N registration trust.

It is no longer an expensive or complicated business to maintain an aeroplane on the US register for non-US citizens and with FAA maintenance and training facilities becoming more readily available in Europe, the idea is very attractive. We offer the facility of N registration together in association with our parent firm of chartered accountants which brings the costs right down but in addition provides complete protection to its clients.Under part 47 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, an American registered aeroplane must be owned by a US citizen. This can include a corporation subject to certain conditions which our scheme meets. The documentation for our scheme is prepared in Europe and in addition we can provide a range of professional services which may be of assistance in any particular case.

What is the question we are asked most often? 
Answer - "If I put my airplane into a trust, is it safe?"
The answer to that is "Yes of course it is. You have the airplane and you have your trust deed".  

Now read more about our N-Registration Trust service.

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