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Scope of our N-Registration service

What is involved

Scope of our N-Registration service

It is important for us to make it clear that the trust service is simply that; we keep it straightforward to save costs. 

We would be pleased to arrange advice on peripheral issues but such advice will involve a charge based on our normal rates. Such peripheral issues often include matters like liability to VAT, the position as regards taxation of benefits in kind relating to aeroplanes, transferring aircraft from other registers to the US register, maintenance issues, pilot licensing issues etc.

In order to avoid any doubt, our trust scheme is operated through a bona fide Delaware corporation whose directors are professional persons. 

The "trustee" is not an individual who could be sued with the result that your aircraft is at risk. You may read in the web sites of other providers whose fees are perhaps five times as much as ours that "it cannot be done at that price". It can. Do not be misled.

Any additional work or disbursements in relation to licenses or advice required will be charged on a time spent basis in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of business which are available on request but there are no hidden extras and no additional charges will be levied without prior notification.

It must be emphasised that proper legal documentation is provided in relation to ownership for your protection and the security of knowing that you are dealing with professionally qualified people on both sides of “the pond”. 

We are pleased to be able to confirm that the documentation used has passed inspection by the FAA. The formalities are fulfilled following completion of a straightforward application form which is available on request and which includes a copy of the terms and conditions.

Money laundering requirements: We are required by law to have on file details of who our clients are. This means verifying the name, address and date of birth. In addition we ask for a copy of your passport and documentation proving your place of residence. For British residents verification can normally be done on line and involves a minimum of inconvenience.

This presentation does not form part of any contract. 

Caveat: whilst a US licensed pilot is permitted under US law to fly a US registered airplane, pilots resident in other parts of the world should check the local law relating to flying in local airspace in case further restrictions apply.

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