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N-Reg Trust service

How the service works

N-Reg Trust Service

The registration is effected by entering into one trust agreement and, provided the specified charges are paid, the aeroplane will be held in trust for the beneficial owner and he will have full use of it subject only to legal requirements which might be imposed by the US government.

Our agreement is written in English and governed by the laws of England and Wales but is open to persons of any nationality or domicile, unless precluded by law, e.g. where sanctions exist.

A word of explanation is probably required to explain why the US government has imposed the restriction of allowing only US citizens to register an aircraft. The government may wish to procure the use of an aircraft, for example in a time of war or equally may wish to prevent an aircraft from being involved in a situation, such as the assistance of an enemy. 

By having US citizens in the front line of responsibility, the government can procure its requirements by imposing those requirements on its own citizens, something which, outside its jurisdiction it could not procure as against the citizens of other nations.Accordingly, the US citizens who act as trustees in these matters are undertaking a considerable potential responsibility on behalf of aeroplane users. No doubt, there are few occasions when aircraft are used other than in accordance with authorised uses but nonetheless that responsibility must be recognised. In practice we have not known of any such restrictions or prohibitions which have affected any of our clients but our agreements do provide that the effective requirements of US law, and consequential events, do override other considerations if activated.

Our basic facility is straightforward and inexpensive; in certain circumstances a more complex facility may be required and the standard charges would not apply in those circumstances. Please bear in mind that we are a professional firm which normally charges by the hour and we reserve to do so in the event that any additional services are required. This company has been running airplane trust registration now for over twenty five years and our simple and straightforward system continues to operate successfully.The basic charges which apply to new contracts re as follows provided that no extra work is required:

  • To register an aeroplane including necessary documentation – £ 750
  • Annual renewals – £ 750
  • To terminate registration – £ 425
  • For triennial re-registration £100
  • VAT is not chargeable

Note: the registration fee includes the first year fee. Disbursements such as FAA charges, courier charges or US agents are charged extra.

We will also obtain the airplane radio license for you if required at a fee of £120 plus disbursements and all ADs are forwarded immediately on receipt. Certain additional services may be required, such as an expedited certificate of registration for an aircraft which is overseas. Additional costs will apply to such services.All our charges are payable by credit card and our standard terms and conditions apply. All documentation is in English and financial transactions are all in pounds sterling.

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